Eco-Premier--Innovation in cleaning products using natural resources


A 100% natural, wild-harvested product of Honduras.

Soapberries are smart for your pocketbook and smart for your health. It makes sense to use a cleaning product that is economical, good for the environment and gentle on your skin.


Soapberries are a non-ionic cleanser that can be used for most household cleaning needs. They are gentle enough to use on skin and hair.


Wild-harvest soapberries require no chemical fertilzers. They do not contaminate water supplies and buying soapberries promotes reforestation.

The scientific name for soapberries is Sapindus saponaria. They contain two surfactants that help remove dirt: saponin and ASOG's

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A different way of doing things..
What motivates us

Our company's name is Integral Development Investments, but the letters I-D-I have more than one meaning for us. We want to set a model of INNOVATION because we desire to see sustainable DEVELOPMENT and use to the utmost the wonderful resources God has given to Honduras. We are motivated to demonstrate INTEGRITY because we desire to honor God with our lives and in every aspect of our business.


    Albert Einstein is quoted as saying: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” The Eco-Premier brand of soapberry products is an example of using an existing renewable a resource in new way to benefit Hondurans. We are definitely doing something different.


    Integral evelopment should mean freedom from unhealthy dependency through growing self sustainablity and personal responsibility. Development relates to access to quality educational formation. It is reflected by greater social justice, and has to do with the economic ablity to provide for needs from available resources. It particularly has to do with the creation of a common culture of values, principles that have a positive impact in the human spirit.


    We seek to demonstrate integrity in all aspects of our work in the midst of changing government policies, economic and social realities, with all their unforseeable challenges. INNOVATION, DEVELOPMENT AND INTEGRITY are core values that we desire to model in every aspect of our company.

The Four Bottom Lines

Integral Development Investments will provide products based on natural products that are good for the environment as well as good for people.
Soapberries are low-sudsing and 100% biodegradable which means no pollutants enter the water system. Instead of cutting down soapberry trees for firewood, folks are starting to talk about planting them.
Our goal is to provide families with an additional source of income to provide for their own needs. We have a commitment to education, demonstrated with a mobile library that visits rural schools to promote literacy and a love of reading.
The Leer es Crecer mobile library has given children in rural schools the opportunity to enjoy beautiful books and read stories from around the world.
People are designed to prosper in a context of moral and ethical values. It is our sincere desire to model and promote spiritual values that will bring lasting change to people’s lives.
Spiritual values related to our business include stewardship of creation, generosity and social justice.
Our goal is to provide good products at a fair price that allows us to pay a just wage to those who harvest and process our products.
Eco-Premier products are derived from natural resources that have been under-valued and under-untilized in Honduras. Investigation and development of these products will bring new economic opportunities for rural Hondurans. click the picture to see more

It's easy to make a versatile soapberry liquid.


Stores of soapberries, life and people

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