The Harvest of 2015

Slide2With the first heavy rains, the 2015 harvest of soapberries is ending. It was interesting that the best harvest came from areas of the country that are suffering from drought.  Some trees that had the best harvest last year, didn’t have any fruit at all this year.  Since we are not scientists by training, everything that we are observing is new for us.  I had never thought much about the shape of trees, or the color of their trunks or what kind of root system they have, but all of this is important for the university study.  Are we looking at one variety of tree in the country or 2 or 3 or 4?

Since neither are we business people, the learning curve has been huge on that side of the equation as well.  Packaging, brand names, labels… who would have thought there were so many decisions to make?  And then, there are all the technological things that are an integral part of today’s businesses.

It is good to learn.  It is important to keep growing, even at our age, when we supposedly should be thinking about retirement.  Of all the lessons that we have learned this year, probably the most important has been persistence.  Success is not guaranteed.  Despite our good intentions to help a lot of people, there is no assurance that people will buy our product.  Neither does finding a closed door  automatically mean we are going to fail. We have to keep working at making all of those small but important decisions and finding the doors that are open for us.

Perhaps, the most important harvest of 2015 is what is going on inside of us.

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