Our goals–#1 Environmental Impact

We have found more than 250 Soapberry trees in Honduras in 12 different departments.  It is a tree that grows well where the soil is not very fertil and is resistant to drought.  We are very hopeful that the soapberry tree can be a small part of the solution to the problem of deforestation in Honduras.

However, it not a tree that has been traditionally valued for more than firewood.  Even though just a generation or two ago it was widely used to wash clothes, we have found very few people that still use it.  Even trees that we were including as part of our study have been cut down.

That means that our goal to have a positive environmental impact in Honduras has to include education We are encouraged by those who are beginning to see the importance of protecting existing trees.  As we discover which variety will give us the best overall results, we already have people ready to plant.



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