Soapberries in the Forest

One of the many reasons we are working with soapberries is their potential to make a positive impact on the diversification of Honduras´forests.  When there is almost one hundred percent of only one kind of tree, as is the case with pine in many of the forests in Honduras, they are susceptible to plaques that[…]



This is harvest season.  Each year we are finding new trees and new people who are interested in harvesting soap berries. It is frequently a little difficult to convince people that the tree has more value than just for shade.


How much should I use?

A pretty basic question, don`t you think?  Like everything associated with the soapberry project, we started from zero in knowing the answer to this important question.  We compared the berries by weight with what we know about their Asian cousins. Our soapberries tend to be smaller, so you need to use 6 or 7 rather[…]



Mayday” is a call of distress and an urgent expression of  need of help.  Every day this month is a May day. Three times in conversations in the last week I have mentioned the example of Abraham in Genesis when he was called to pack up and move  without a clear idea of the destination.[…]



This has been a year of challenges and blessings.  Among other things, for 12 weeks we participated in a business class sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.  That meant every Friday we traveled the 4 hours between Santa Barbara and Tegucigalpa in order to be on time for the class, all day Saturday.  Every week,[…]