The Harvest of 2015

With the first heavy rains, the 2015 harvest of soapberries is ending. It was interesting that the best harvest came from areas of the country that are suffering from drought.  Some trees that had the best harvest last year, didn’t have any fruit at all this year.  Since we are not scientists by training, everything[…]


Soapberries = light

Our role in the soapberry investigation project with a university in Honduras is so provide traceable samples. They specifically asked for soapberries from the department of Paraíso, which is over 200 miles from where we live. A friend offered to provide the collection point. A great help. When we talked by phone, he said he[…]



I met Maria while walking down a village street looking for Soapberry trees.  She was an elderly lady sitting outside her house enjoying the sunshine.  I don’t usually stop and visit with random strangers, but she looked like she would enjoy a conversation, so I greeted her and we chatted.  She was very sweet and[…]