What is IDI?

IDI—Inversiones de Desarrollo Integral S. de R. L. (Integral Development Investmets) is a Honduran company established in mid 2013.   The original focus of the company has been research and development of products derived from the fruit of the “jaboncillo” tree. It shares the scientific name Sapindus saponaria with the Southwestern Soap Berry found in the United States of America, though they are not identical.

Motivated by the desire to see Hondurans take advantage of natural resources that have been previously undervalued, this tree was chosen as the first object of significant study. We are researching the existence of trees in production, defining sub-varieties with distinctive physical or chemical profiles, learning the life and production cycle of the trees, determining how and when to harvest, store and process the fruits, etc. It is a tree that has never been studied in Honduras, and there appears to be significant regional variations that have never been previously defined.

IDI was founded in order to be able to commercially export the product to the U. S. A. and other consuming countries. In November of 2013 we made the first commercial exportation of the seedless fruit husks to the US from Honduras.

Our underlying concern is to help some of the poorest of the poor in Honduras benefit from existing natural resources by helping to diversify the economic base of the local economy, by creating employment in the harvesting, processing and marketing of the natural cleaning potential found in the soapberry.

We are commited to the goal of integral development, which means improvement in the lives of people that is balanced in all respects.

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